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Concerning PTR Sites

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Lady Christie

I want to clarify for everyone I did not email Hondamatic numerous times (Isent him one message and then replied to his message) also just so everyone knows I was not rude to this person. If this person wouldn't have deleted my messages everyone would see that I had only mentioned the only way to make money with programs such as the one this person was promoting was to build a downline. At this time it was not mentioned in their ad that you needed a downline to make $50 a week. Nothing is clearly stated on the frontpage of the website this person is promoting you have to go to another page which explains about referral bonuses. Like I said before I am not putting down the program, it is a very nice program and I have only heard good things about this program. I just don't think it should be advertised in a misleading way.

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I just want to say that I agree with Lady Christie in this "conversation". In no way did she put Hondamatic down , or even mention their name , for that matter. There are many people who are misinformed about pyramid schemes and other ways of making money on the net, and Lady Christie was trying to help these people by telling them her experience. The way you responded , Hondamatic , was very defensive . I am not sure what the PM was all about , but if you want people to go for the hit4pay idea , the way you lashed out to Lady Christie on this site isn't going to edure people to you so that they sign up. This is , of course , my own opinion. Everyone is an adult here ,and more than able to make their own opinion. soulight

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Lady Christie

For one thing it is my business to make sure people here are well informed, I am here to help people and therefore I will inform people of things they may or may not understand. Well if everything I said is untrue then I guess me saying your program pays is untrue and that it is a good site to be a member of is untrue. Not once did I put you down so don't put me down. I only want people here to understand what they may not understand. If they are better informed then they can make wise decisions. And one last thing you may not lie to people but you mislead them to me there is no difference.

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